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The debut of the Microsoft Xbox 360 also brought the frustration of the 3 Red Lights (Red Rings of Death). What you have is failure of some hardware which still persists today in Xbox 360s. Can the truth be found regarding the Xbox 360 3 red lights error? Do you have a clue as to what the 3 red lights are trying to tell you? If you are still curious, read on and learn more as this article explains it and even goes as far as to help show you how to prevent it.You can look to overheating of your console as the main cause of the the 3 red lights on xbox 360 systems. The system contains two parts that tend to overheat easily. It turns out that the components in question are the power brick and the console. The designers tried their best to prevent the overheating problem by using heat sinks, fans, and openings. Unfortunately, they did not work. The heat builds up and also begins work on the power brick. Help air get to the console and cool it off by keeping it clear of clutter. Do the same for the power brick by simply picking it up off the floor.If overheating is not the issue, then the Nyko Intercooler very well could be. Power lost to the intercooler causes the console to act up.The problem could be a result of issues with the graphics processing unit, or the GPU. The GPU and the motherboard need to stay connected. As the GPU gets hot and hotter, it begins to disconnect from the motherboard. This overheating causes periodic screen freezes and ends with the 3 red lights on xbox 360.It all comes down to a major design flaw in the system resulting in the infamous 3 red lights Xbox 360. July 2007 was when Microsoft finally came out and told the gaming world that there was a design flaw. The gaming world is still waiting on a solution. You see 3 red lights and you turn to Microsoft for help which can take several weeks. Where’s the warranty? Can you save time and money by doing it yourself?All we can say is “Yes”! Open up the console, follow the instructions, discover how easy it is.Want to just get it fixed? Use the Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Guide. The guide is proven reliable by the number of Xbox 360 users who have used it and been successful.Get educated on how to find out what is wrong with your system and then how to fix it with the Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Guide.

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