Choosing bicycles for kids


Think back to the time when you got your first bicycle. The excitement, the magic and euphoria you felt at that time is perhaps unparalleled. Cruising down the street with the wind tearing at your hair, you suddenly had a peek at the glory and power of unlimited freedom. Yes, kids love bicycles and parents love getting bikes for their children. Fortunately, there is a good variety of styles, models and makes that you can choose from when you go shopping for bicycles for your kids. While toddlers like tri-cycles, older children prefer the regular model. Many adolescents prefer the lowrider bike. Lowrider bikes are based on the design of a motorcycle. They have high handlebars, broad tires, long wheelbase and a casual, laid back riding position. Handlebars are deigned to position the arms at eye-level. Low riding position adds to this comfort. Additional features like straight-laced spokes and sissy bars add to the comfort and pleasure of the bike. The main purpose of the bike is not speed, but reliable, comfortable performance.Beach rider bicycles are flashy, sturdy, comfortable, safe and unique. As far as kids are concerned, their most attractive feature is their unique, individualistic look. If you want to express character (which teen doesn’t!), it’s got to be a beach cruiser! Tips to keep in mind while choosing bicycles for kids:Variety: Twenty years back, there were limited choices if you wanted to buy bicycles for kids. But, these days, the market is saturated with brands, colors, models, features and choices. You have kiddie bikes for the small, mountain bikes for those who like a rugged ride and two seaters for kids who like to ride with a friend. With so many choices, you need to pay attention to two important things: quality and your needs. Buy a bike that answers the needs of your child. For most teens, beach cruisers are the safest option. The low back design is kind on the back and the sportsy style looks ultra chic. These bikes are not high on speed and their design is such that they give maximum balance and grip on the roads. Craftsmanship is just as important. Many parents like to go with the latest fad (and their kids pressurize them to!). But, you need to pay attention to things like the material used, brakes, shock absorbers, seat, pedals, wheels and so on. For instance, coaster brakes are safer for smaller children while hand brakes may be used once the child is over 9 years old. The safety and versatility of the biking experience depends on all of these. The size of the bike also matters. As far as bicycles for kids are concerned, the size is determined by the wheel size. Have an expert decide the right size of the bike for your kid. The last step is to locate a reputed dealer! With bicycles coming in so many colors and designs, you might want to give your child a free hand when selecting the colors and design of the body. Girls generally like to opt for shades of pink but don’t take it for granted that your daughter will appreciate the hot pink you selected!

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