Car Repair Tips—Keeping Your Gas Mileage High


One thing that many people don’t realize is how much gas they’re wasting
through idling. While there’s not much you can do about stop and go
traffic, if you’re a frequent visitor to fast food drive thrus, you may
want to reconsider your habits. Though the drive thru is undeniably
convenient, you are wasting an enormous amount of gasoline by sitting in
that line rather than parking your car and going inside to the counter.
Conventional wisdom used to be that keeping your car in idle burned
much less gasoline than starting it, but this is no longer the case, if
it ever was.

Another important way to increase your gas mileage is to increase the
amount of air in your tires. Tires with little air will create much more
traction on the road, creating more work for your engine and increasing
the amount of gas you go through. Check the outside of your tires for
the proper PSI and keep your tires filled to that number. Be sure not to
overfill them, though, as this could lead to other problems.

Jamming on the gas pedal after a stoplight is just pouring money down
the drain. Accelerate gradually and save yourself some money at the gas
pump. Car repair experts will tell you that highway driving is best when
it comes to getting the most miles for your gallon. This is because you
aren’t constantly bringing your car from a stand till to driving speed.
It takes much more gas to do this than it does to keep your car going
on a constant and steady rate. Nevertheless, if you have to be in town,
take it easy when you’re going from a stoplight to the next destination.
Remember, this isn’t a drag race.

One of the best ways to keep your gas mileage efficient is to keep up
with your car repair and maintenance. Consult your owner’s manual for
the proper times for maintenance work and don’t miss those opportunities
to have a mechanic give your vehicle the once-over. It costs a little
money, but it will save you much more in the long run.

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