Bluetooth motorcycle helmets

When it comes to attempting to communicate from a motorbike, there are a number of issues that make things difficult. The largest of all is that of noise.

If you’ve ever been on a bike then you’ll know that it’s a noisy place to be. You feel as though you’re very close to the engine, which can generate quite a roar, particularly on high specification models.

You then have to take into account the noise involved in moving at high speeds, plus the added difficulties caused by weather conditions. Those of us living in the UK know that the weather can be a real pain!

Once you put all of these factors together, it becomes clear that talking to others is not easy.

This is quite a problem, since you may wish to have a conversation with a passenger, someone in a sidecar, or maybe with another motorbike rider.

This is where bluetooth technology is starting to come to the rescue. A bluetooth helmet includes a headset, that is basically made up of a set of headphones, with a microphone attached.

Riders using these devices can communicate with other owners of similar gear. Although the basic devices only work over realtively short distances, this is fine in most cases.

For those who want even more out of their communications kit, the helmet comes into its own when used in conjunction with a bluetooth compatible mobile phone.

Using the two togetherArticle Search, a rider can make and receive telephone calls from anywhere in the world.

An amazing use of technology and one that is transforming the way in which motorcycle owners view their machines.