Biking Basics


Biking exercise is not limiting time; speed. Biking can reduce fat, in addition, build body. Because go biking need lot of oxygen which can strengthen heart function. Meanwhile, it can keep normal blood pressure which has great influence sometimes. Go biking can compress vessel, promote blood circulation. Head uptakes more oxygen and much of fresh air will make it clearer. You will feel freedom and happy when you biking. It is not only a tool instead of walking but also a way of joyful heart.Sport experts suggest that amount of biking exercise should appropriate. Just pay attention to bike distance is not enough, the importance is difficulty you meet in the biking process which can build your body. Resisting at least thirty minutes to sixty minutes each biking. Let upper body relax to prevent shoulder and neck ache when biking. Do not press body too low when biking, it will limit abdomen respiration.Through begin to Europe, but American invents hill bike covers traditional bike conception, bring a new wind to global.Hill bike is a particular designed for cross-country like hills, pathway and open-country, sandy gravel road and etc. It began to one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven year at the west coast San Francisco. At that time, a group young people of loving biking at hillside think that if they can ride down to mountain is a very fine thing. Then cross-country bike begin to be designed and manufactured. Officially to named hill bike is after two years. Therefore, competitive dropped became a new program development in sport competition. Sports man ride hill bike follow the provision downhill line high speed drop, speed faster, absorbing more fans.Match of riding hill is about three programs: downhill event and dual slalom which is like ski match-the former is biker dropped a downhill and count the shortest time winner. The latter is two bikers at two separation downhill drops at the same time , according Z sharp to biking and leaping, the first is the winner. Cross-country began to nature environment, match mileage is often about sixteen to twenty four kilometer, among at least twenty five percents it not renovated by people. All match knacks are following the order track reasonable, avoid going unnecessary roads.Bike equipment requirementOne, choose bike. The best is choose slight and good quality bike, because choose a suit of bike can reduce many unnecessary troubles in the road.Second, coordinate with bike. Before long journey, you can do a self-test to understand yourself physical power, then you can understand more bike function.Third, do full preparation. You should control gas amounts, safety of bike every parts through examine it before setting out. You can bring a spare tyre, few tools when you still have power. Map and compass are the requirement in biking at hill.Four, go biking clothes. You can wear bright-color clothes like special for biking shorts to protect skin from rub. Clothes appropriate multilayer to adjust cold and hot. The better is wearing helmet to protect head.Fifth, drink more to avoid tired.Six, do enough work to prevent sunSeven, abide by traffic rules on the street. Notice all around vehicle and ground situation, send out signal when make a turn, do not cut in and retrograde motion.Eight, do not forget lock bike when parking



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