Bike Bags & Racks: How to Choose || REI

Bike Bags & Racks: How to Choose || REI

A daypack or messenger bag is good, but some of your best gear-carrying options are baskets or bags that fit on your bike. Watch this video to learn about your choices.

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Hi, I’m Braden with REI. Carrying your gear along with you on a bike ride can be tricky. Luckily, there’s tons of great options to get you and your stuff from point A to point B. Some bags mount directly to a bike’s frame, while many convenient options attach to a rack mounted over one of the wheels. Racks themselves are usually screwed into braze-on mounts on the bike’s frame, while others simply clamp to the seat tube.
When selecting your rack, make sure its weight limit will which for you. Racks can carry anywhere from 20 to 80 pounds depending on the model. Start with a rear rack, but if you need more room you can also add a rack to the front of your bike. While you shouldn’t feel much of a difference in riding with a loaded rear rack, front racks can affect your steering and balance, so be careful. With a rack installed, you can either strap gear directly to it, you can attach panniers to the side, or a rack trunk that sits on top.
Panniers are super popular with commuters because they let you carry lots of gear out of the way. They offer great weather protection and they’re easy to attach and remove so you can take them with you when you leave your bike. Make sure that when you mount your panniers, there’s plenty of room for your heel as you pedal. Panniers are sold in pairs, but if you don’t need that much space you can always use just one mounted on the right side so it doesn’t stick out into traffic.
Rack trunks are slightly smaller than panniers but larger than frame-mounted bags so they may be just right for traveling light or just adding some space. While some manufacturers design racks and trunks to slide together, most trunks mount with straps and buckles. If you need additional storage, only want to stash small items, or if you don’t want to bother with a rack, there’s a wide variety of cool little frame-mounted bags. There are bags that mount between the top tube and the seat tube, bags that mount between the top tube and the stem, bags that mount to the handlebars, and bags that mount beneath the seat.
Now all of these are great for adding storage, but by far the most common is the seat bag. It attaches with either straps or a quick release system so you can easily take the bag with you. They’re typically where cyclists store an extra tube, a multitool, or even a snack. Some options are expandable and have enough room to fit a jacket. Casual riders or those looking to transport taller items often turn to the trusty bike basket. Baskets can mount either to the front or the back of your bike, and they’re perfect for bringing home the groceries. To keep your gear dry, there are waterproof bags and others with rain covers if you plan to ride regardless of the weather. Don’t forget, heavy loads will affect balance and steering control, so carry heavy loads low and in the back of the bike to help even things out. For more information, visit your local REI or


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