Best Mountain Bike Videos of all Time

Mountain biking appeals
to numerous individuals, regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status.
Not merely satisfied to ride on paved roads, from point A to point B on two
wheels, riders soon embarked on cross country endurance treks and developed
skill competitions. As the sport and the bikes evolved, cyclists rode all types
of terrain from city streets to backcountry trails, and proved overcoming
obstacles required a little creative ingenuity and that no elevation was too
high. The best mountain bike videos of all time capture the moments that
portray mountain biking history, the trials and tribulations of riding, along
with the strength, stamina and precision required to accomplish amazing feats.

Klunkerz takes viewers on a journey back to the 60s and 70s, when a group of
cyclists discovered that riding down the side of mountains in Marin County
California was more thrilling than doing anything else. However, the bikes of
the day were no match for the rugged and often treacherous mountain terrain.
The men eventually implemented the fat-tired, sturdy framed, clunky bikes from
days gone by. A short time later, some of the adventurers developed businesses,
creating and manufacturing mountain bikes. The friends were instrumental in
contributing to the development of the sport in the U.S. and the bikes
necessary to enjoy the activity.

Ride the Divide invites spectators to join the adventure as mountain biking
enthusiasts participate in the longest and most grueling off road bike route on
the planet. The cameras accompany three of the cyclists who embark on the
2700-mile path over the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains. Starting at
Banff, Canada and finishing at the border of Mexico, the riders endure pedaling
up to 12 hours a day. Along with breath taking scenery, the riders encounter
freezing temperatures, snow, and the hidden dangers of the backcountry, which
includes bears and mountain lions. Unassisted and often times in total
isolation, the athletes struggle to conquer insurmountable conditions that
consist of climbing 200,000 vertical feet.

Pro cyclist Danny MacAskill appears in numerous mountain bike videos demonstrating
the strength and precision required to perform various feats. The video
Inspired Bicycles-Danny MacAskill April 2009, shows nothing is impossible.
Videos of the Red Bull Rampage, held annually in the Zion National Park in
Utah, follow riders beginning atop a sandstone ridge and choosing a path of
descent in order to reach the finish line 1500 feet below. Likewise, mountain
bike videos of Monster Madness, at West Virginia’s Snowshoe Mountain ResortArticle Search,
provide a glimpse of some of the best gravity defying feats imaginable.