Advantages to the CVT Transmission

Compared with a traditional
transmission, the CVT determine the optimal ratio based on throttle application and other engine characteristics.

The CVT transmission has several unique advantages to a convention
automatic transmission. This includes improved performance as the
transmission alters ratios while accelerating so that the engine
doesn’t run out of revs. Secondly, the infinite ratios also help
maintain cruising speed steady and helps to reduce emissions while
improving fuel economy. Some CVTs, such as those on vehicles at Nissan Washington DC, can even be programmed with pre set fixed ratios and emulate an actual manual transmission with lightning fast response.

While the CVT transmission offers numerous advantages over
traditional automatics, it’s not perfect. Driving feel is one
substantial complaint heard at Ford Service San Diego.
Most drivers are used to the sound and feel of an automatic, but
without those sensations, a CVT seems to almost not be performing
accurately. Usually mated to four cylinders, CVT equipped cars also
deliver an irritating hum that’s constant as opposed to the ups and
downs of a conventional automatic. Some will also notice a lack of
power, thanks to a general lower torque capacity with these