10 Best Child Bike Seats (We Tested them ALL!)

10 Best Child Bike Seats (We Tested them ALL!)

We’ve tested just about every child bike seat out there with our own babies, toddlers, and kids. Here are the 10 best child bike seats, broken down by FRONT mounted and REAR mounted.

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Be aware you always need to check for compatibility with your own bike before you purchase any child or baby bike seat.

0:29 Rear Mounted Seats
0:39 Bellelli Pepe – Best on a Budget
1:24 Burley Dash – Unique Harness and a Storage Pocket!
2:10 Topeak BabySeat II – Comes with a rack! (Rack mount only)
2:46 Thule Yepp Maxi – Fantastic Ventilation!
3:28Hamax Caress – Great Fit for the Youngest Riders
4:15 Thule RideAlong – Best Shoulder Straps and Overall Easiest to Use (Frame mount only)
5:20 Front Mounted Seats
5:34 Peg Perego Orion – Best on a Budget AND Most Likely to Fit Your Bike
6:12 Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini – Most Lightweight and Easy to Use
7:04 Mac Ride and Kids Ride ShotGun

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(1) Bellelli Pepe
With tons of ventilation, high sideboards for better containment, and a sliding footrest height adjustment, the Pepe is both comfy and safe.

The Pepe is unique because it has shoulder straps that can be moved low enough to securely accommodate a 12-month old. Additionally, with three shoulder strap height adjustments, there’s plenty of room for growth.

(2) Burley Dash
Rear Child Bike Seats
Durable and well-designed for a very fair price point, the Dash bike seats have two unique features that set them apart from the competition. 1) Rear Storage Pocket 2) The 5 point harness system adjusts to allow you to place the buckle lower or higher on your child’s chest according to your preference.

(3) Topeak BabySeat II (Rack mount only)
If you know that your bike doesn’t work with a frame mounted seat and you need a rack mounted seat, the Topeak BabySeat II is the ONLY seat we know of that actually comes with a rack.

(4) Thule Yepp Maxi
Made from Crocs-like seat material with 56 ventilation holes in the back of the seat!
The foam material of the shoulder pads is slightly grippy and helps keep them in place.

(5) Hamax Caress
Our favorite feature is the shoulder straps which can be set by sliding the entire back of the seat up and down. If you have a 12 month old or a petite toddler, the Hamax is a great choice if you prefer a rear mounted seat.

One thing to note about the Hamax is that the shoulder straps are set more narrowly than every other seat we’ve tested, which makes it less comfortable for kids 4 and older.

(6) Thule RideAlong (Frame mount only)
The Thule RideAlong is their most high-end, cream-of-the-crop seat. The harness is the standout feature for the RideAlong. The wide, sturdy back-pack style straps stay in place better than any other straps we’ve tested, and are insanely easy to adjust.

The blue color coding system of the Thule RideAlong makes this seat pretty fool proof. Anything on the seat that can be adjusted is blue.

The RideAlong Mini is the front-mounted version of this seat, and it’s just as awesome.


(7) Peg Perego Orion
While not as high-quality as the other seats we recommend, we really appreciate its unique mounting system that works for bikes with little or no room on the headset for a mounting bracket.

(8) Thule Yepp Nexxt Mini
Weather resistant foam core and a soft, dense foam seat cushion, the Mini is expertly crafted and also the lightest seat we’ve tested!

We love the Mini’s unique two-handed, child-proof magnetic safety buckle. It’s completely impossible for a toddler to undo on their own and clicks in place heartily.

(9) Mac Ride and Kids Ride ShotGun
Consisting of just a saddle and a footrest, these seats take up very little space on the bike. One of the major advantages of these seats is that you can ride with your child in front of you until they are 4 or 5, while standard front mounted seats max out around 3 years old.

If you’re still wondering which seat is best for you, check out our Child Bike Seat Buying Guide video where we’ll walk you through the differences between front and rear seats.

Reviewer: Carrie Wren
Videography & Production: Fressia Eames

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